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Creativity is not only the advantage but also the lifeblood of us. We believe that the work of research and development is not impetuosity of sentiment or one second of genius. It should be a great affair worth of persistently doing.

Our technicians saw and witnessed the each new achievement we gained during the last three decades. Each time of progress means an event recorded by the development history of Chinese slewing ring. Each effort we made is to create more value for our customer. Moreover all these still go on. We are on the way to continue to write down the legend of Tongli.

We occupy the leading place in slewing ring production industry by our experienced and skilled technicians and huge amount of investment. We cooperate with domestic famous universities such as Hefei University of Technology, Nanjing University of Technology and Anhui University of Technology to combine the practice with laboratorial theories and undertake more scientific research. Our core technical team is formed by five engineers with average experience of thirty years in researching and developing slewing ring. Our fresh troop team is formed by more than thirty young engineers, professors and doctors. We believe in our enterprise spirit that professional dedication links to successful enterprise and move on.

Six representatives of our technicians who have average thirty years experience

HouNing, the president, general manager and senior engineer, has been worked in slewing ring fields since 1984. He used to participate in the editing of two items of national standard and five items of industry standard. He is the member of the national construction machinery and equipment standardization technical committee and the deputy secretary of national Lifting work platform standardization committee. In slewing ring professional ,he has national core journals published several articles. He is one of the editors of the professional publication Hydraulic Excavator, in the chapter about slewing ring of which outlines the theoretical calculation formula created by Tongli. Professor Hou won many national and municipal awards in the field of design, development, manufacture.

Mei Bangming, the deputy general manager and senior engineer, engaged in slewing ring theory research, product design, technological equipment design, technology research, equipment numerical control renovation and technical management since 1984. He won the ministerial , provincial and municipal awards for several times,and has essay issued in periodical Construction Machinery.

Xu Lihua, the deputy Chief engineer and technical director who has been engaged in the slewing ring theory research, product design, technical research more than ten years. She is one of the key drafters of three items of industrial standard of . She is the member of the lifting work platform standardization technical committee and one of the editors of the chapter about slewing ring of the professional publication, Hydraulic Excavator. She was awarded the provincial and municipal science and technology progress prize. In addition she is one of the Ten Outstanding Young Labor Heroes in Maanshan City and issued paper in Construction Machinery.

Wu Liping, deputy general manager and engineer, has been engaged in slewing ring research since 1984. He once won the provincial and municipal science and technology progress prizes.

Luo Shijun, technical consultant and professor. He is the leading drafter of first national slewing ring standard JB2300-78, and JJ36. Since 1970s he devoted himself into the theory research and is the first batch of expert honored by the national outstanding contribution. He is the former director of Beijing construction machinery comprehensive research institute.

Tang Zhichun, technical consultant and engineer. He is the first technical director of Maanshan slewing ring factory. He started slewing ring research and manufacture from 1984.

Main Products
  • Cross Roller Slewing RingThe cross section of the raceway is linear type. The roller of the slewing ring is column type and each two adjacent rollers are cross arranging. Therefore, half of the rollers bear the upward axial force and the rest bear the down forward force. The column type roller features linear contact with raceway and little fraction coefficient...
  • Elliptical Raceway Slewing RingAdjusting the levelness of the slewing bearing is critical to minimize tilting moment loads, most notably, when the slewing ring is to be installed on a ladder truck. This self-leveling slewing bearing comes with a leveling instrument that facilitates the adjustment of levelness.