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Tongli slewing ring company regards the human resource strategy as part of our enterprise strategy. We deem the precious human resource as the base of whole enterprise and the impetus of our development in such a fierce competitive market.

At the very beginning of our enterprise, we could only rely on ourselves partially and had to take the aid of exotic talents. After 10 years' development, Tongli can train and develop the talents we want We not only recruit the outstanding groups of graduates from famous domestic universities, but also directly hire the graduates from the joint-running class opened by us and school. We are now having a good supply of terrific slewing ring operators. We believe that, our enterprise culture, the strong sense of responsibility and the spirit of dedication for the foundation of Tongli, Chinese foremost (top)brand has deeply imperssed in their mind.

When we recruiting, our HR department will set doorsill lines of education level, knowledge level an skill level for each position. Particularly, we pay much attention on the work attitude, sense of responsibility and dedication spirit of the new hired person. Based on the principle that we must take responsibility for all stakeholder our general manager will participate the last round of interview himself to find out the best selected person.

The development of our company depends on the continuous learning of our staff. We pay much attention on not only the training of their skill and knowledge, but also their psychological quality. Tongli determined to become a national brand and our human strategy is the support of long-term our great mission. Making the personal growth as the guidance, the satisfaction of customer as the indicator, Tongli set a series of awards to inspire the employees.We believe that the continuous study is the key to fulfill our human resource strategy and already possess a complete set of performance appraisal system as below:

Main Products
  • Elliptical Raceway Slewing RingAdjusting the levelness of the slewing bearing is critical to minimize tilting moment loads, most notably, when the slewing ring is to be installed on a ladder truck. This self-leveling slewing bearing comes with a leveling instrument that facilitates the adjustment of levelness.
  • Cross Roller Slewing RingThe cross section of the raceway is linear type. The roller of the slewing ring is column type and each two adjacent rollers are cross arranging. Therefore, half of the rollers bear the upward axial force and the rest bear the down forward force. The column type roller features linear contact with raceway and little fraction coefficient...