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The excavator slewing ring is specifically designed for use on a variety of brand-name excavators, including Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitachi, Kobelco, Kato, Sumitomo, Doosan Daewoo, and Hyundai , among various others.

Tongli Slewing Ring Co., Ltd. provides more than 200 models of excavator slewing rings for use on world-class branded excavators. The quality of Tongli product is backed up by 20 years of experience in serving the excavator after-market, and has been proven by the fact that 100,000 sets of excavator slewing bearing were shipped out to customer around the world.

For each model, Tongli offers three types of product and please select the right type based on your own needs. The only thing that needs to be emphasized is that although defined as the “traditional type” excavator slewing bearing, this product can create more customer value as well than those provided by any other Chinese suppliers. If you are hunting for better performance or the longer warranty product, our “Patented type” or “Advanced Patent type” excavator slewing bearing can be your ideal choice.

Traditional type Patent type Advanced Patent type
► Economy ► Reliable product ► Remarkable product
► Technological advance ► Patent product ► Patent product
► standardization ► Technological standardization ► Technological standardization
► Material: 50Mn ► Material:50Mn ► Material:42CrMo
► 1 year warranty ► Special gear quenching technology to prevent gear broken problem ► Second generation special gear quenching technology to prevent gear broken problem
► 3-year warranty ► High load capacity elliptical raceway product with longer life time
► 3-year warranty
► Special customized package


CAT70B CAT110 CAT215 CAT215B CAT225 CAT280
CAT200B CAT305.5 CAT307C CAT320B CAT320C CAT320D
CAT320L CAT325 CAT325B CAT325C CAT330C CAT345


PC40-10 PC45-7 PW60-5 PC60-5(1) PC60-5(2) PC60-6(Z=76) PC60-6(Z=80)
PC60-7(Z=76) PC60-7(Z=80) PC90-6 PC100-5 PC120-5 PC120-6(4D95) PC120-6(4D102)
PC150-5 PC150-7 PC20HT PC200-1 PC200-2 PC200-3 PC200-5
PC200-6(1) PC200-6(2) PC200-6(New) PC200-6(6D95) PC200-7 PC200-8 PC210-7
PC220-3 PC220-5 PC220-7 PC220-8 PC228 PC240-8 PC300-2
PC300-3 PC300-5 PC300-6 PC350-6 PC360-7 PC400-1 PC400-3
PC400-5 PC400-6 PC450-5 PC450-6 PC450-7 PC650 PC750


EX60-1 EX60-2,3 EX60-5 EX90 EX100-5 ZX450H EX120-2 EX120-3
ZX120 EX120-1 EX120-5 EX150 EX160WD-1 EX200-1 EX200-2,3,5 ZX60USB-3F
ZX200 EX210-5 ZX210 EX220-5 ZX225U(1) EX225U(2) ZX230 ZX240
ZX270 EX300-1 EX300-2 EX300-3 EX300-5 ZX330 ZX350-5 ZX450H


SK120-5 SK130-7 SK07-1 SK07-1-N2 SK07-N2(1) SK07-N2(2)
SK07-2 SK907B SK09 SK03 SK350-6E SK450-6E
SK04 SK60-5 SK60-6 SK200-3/5 SK200-6 SK210-6E
SK200-8 SK235 SK230-6 SK330-3 SK350 SK350-8


HD250-7 HD450-5 HD450-7 HD450 HD512
HD513 HD516 HD770SE HD770-1 HD770-2
HD700-2 HD700-5 HD700-7 HD800-5 HD800-7
HD820-1 HD820-3 HD1250/1430 HD1023 HD1220


SH60-1 SH120-1 SH120-2 SH120-3 SH120 SH140 SH145 SH200A1 SH200A2
SH200A3 SH200C2 SH200C3 SH220-2 SH220-3 SH220LC-3 SH225 SH260 SH265
SH280 SH300-2 SH300-3 SH330 SH340 SH350 SH40T SH430 SH450

Doosan Daewoo

DH55-3 DH55-5 DH200-3 DH220-2 DH220-3 DH220-5
DH220-7LC DH225-7 DH258LC-7 DH280 DH290-5 DH300-5
DH300-7 DH320 DH330-3 DH420-7 DH10L


R55-7 R60-7(1) R55-7(2) R110-7 R130-5 R130-7
R170-5 R200-5 R220-7 R210-3 R215-7 R220-5
R225-7 R260LC-7 R290 R305LC-7 R300 R360-3


Volvo EC55 EC210B EC210 EC240 EC290 EC360
Samsung PS132 PS210 PS292 MX08-2
Liebherr 914 924 926 934 984
Atlas 3306
Case CX240
Mitsubishi 230
JCB 8056
Main Products
  • Single Row Ball Slewing RingThe single row four point contact ball slewing ring consists of two rings. It has tightened mechanical structure and low weight. Its rolling element is a row of steel balls which connect the elliptic raceway with four points. Therefore, our single row ball slewing ring can bear axial, radial and turnover moment simultaneously...
  • Cross Roller Slewing RingThe cross section of the raceway is linear type. The roller of the slewing ring is column type and each two adjacent rollers are cross arranging. Therefore, half of the rollers bear the upward axial force and the rest bear the down forward force. The column type roller features linear contact with raceway and little fraction coefficient...