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Slewing ring is a key mechanical component of construction machinery, for this decade, has become widely applied with the development of heavy machinery industry. Except the application in the manufacture of excavator, tower crane, vehicle crane and many other types of crane, it is widely used in light industry, metallurgy industry, medical treatment, industrial robot making, tunnel borer making, stacker and reclaimer making and revolving stage design. In a word, the slewing ring is a key drive train component of the mechanical system which contains two parts not only making relative rotation but also bearing the axial radial and overturning moment.

With the rapid development of heavy machinery industry for these years, whatever the method we took, introducing the production technology and joint capital or cooperating directly with others, we saw the requirements for the quality of slewing ring were becoming increasingly strict. As a professional manufacturer of slewing ring, we are on our way to develop new product and enhance the quality of present product so as to meet the needs of the continuously developing heavy machinery. That is not only our task but also the demand of market competition and self development However it is difficult to select a right slewing ring if the machinery designer did not understand the external load force system and mechanism of raceway bearing capacity well enough. E.g. the structure of slewing ring could be single row ball type, cross roller type, double row ball type and three row roller type. In fact there are some unscientific selections which do harm to the economic benefit of heavy machinery manufacturer and even bring some terrible quality safety accidents. Therefore the slewing ring manufacturers think highly of the selection of bearing. This passage aims to explore the rational selection and remove the risk on the basis of long term experience of designing slewing ring and serving heavy machinery manufacturer.

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Main Products
  • Three Row Roller Slewing RingThe three row roller slewing ring is made up of three rings. The upward, downward and radial rollers are separated from each other. Which can determine the load of each row of rollers exactly, the upper row and under row of rollers are arranged evenly in order to bear the axial force from two directions and turnover moment perfectly. The radial force left is offset by the third row of rollers...
  • Elliptical Raceway Slewing RingAdjusting the levelness of the slewing bearing is critical to minimize tilting moment loads, most notably, when the slewing ring is to be installed on a ladder truck. This self-leveling slewing bearing comes with a leveling instrument that facilitates the adjustment of levelness.